Make the most
of what you make.
Launching soon: A new way to control and monetize your content.
Take the Trips
The Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights was created to protect IP as an asset class. Our mission is to protect your content so your copyrights can be financial assets. What you make is yours, and you deserve to make the most of it.
You make the Content...
Your existing video content is a huge financial asset, it draws in new revenue year after year.

The top 1% of Creators have been selling their content catalogs for decades - it’s an established practice that generates a guaranteed payout. But millions of successful Creators have to wait for ad revenue to slowly trickle in over years. Trips is changing that.
... we make the Asset
With Trips, you can bring your copyright onto the blockchain, proving your content is your asset. Then, for the first time, you can create fractions of ownership, in order to sell your copyright and get paid today.
How it Works
Trips built a smart contract protocol that allows you to mint the copyright of your content (called a TCI). This allows you to not only prove ownership, but also sell copyright for cash upfront. It’s easier than it sounds:
Bring the copyright of a single video or your whole catalog onto an immutable ledger (blockchain). “Minting” is basically a stamp that your content is your asset.
Sell fractions of your copyright interests, something we call fTCIs, to approved capital providers you select. Always totally in your control.
Transform your creative content into financial assets. Use your new capital to grow your audience, produce more content, buy new gear, whatever you choose.
What is a TCI
TCI stands for Tokenized Copyright Interest. TCIs are non-fungible tokens that use smart contracts to bring your copyright onto the blockchain. Specific metadata includes:
IP is just like real property, you own it just like a home or a fancy watch
Once you author a work, you own it upon its first use
You do not need to register copyright for it to be yours
Copyright has its own set of laws, so if anyone messes with you, you can protect yourself
You get 5 exclusive rights and can control everything that is done with what is yours. Think of it as a bundle of sticks: